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  1. 1 serge fenix Rendered 2 3:17 Buy

    serge fenix Rendered 2

  2. 2 dmx acid test 1:17 Buy

    dmx acid test

  3. 3 bonus EMT beats 4:45 Buy

    bonus EMT beats

  4. 4 simple slamming b 2 3:51 Buy

    simple slamming b 2

  5. 5 midi pipe1c sds3time cube/klonedrm 2:26 Buy

    midi pipe1c sds3time cube/klonedrm

    made using a custom made midi pipe organ, Urei time cube delay & synthesised percussion, sequenced on a Yamaha RS2000

  6. 6 oberheim blacet1b 3:25 Buy

    oberheim blacet1b

  7. 7 r8m neotek beat 1:42 Buy

    r8m neotek beat

    Using only a Roland R8m as a sound source, mixed through the amazing Neotek desk, also featuring super lush Allen Organ massive spring reverb [my fave spring]

  8. 8 NEOTEKT72 6:09 Buy


  9. 9 midi pipe2c edit,+3 4:09 Buy

    midi pipe2c edit,+3

  10. 10 rozzboxv2mam+4 4:35 Buy


    MAde with a Rozzbox V2, MAM drums, lots of 303's and Yamaha RS7000

  11. 11 pretend analog extmix 2b,e2,ru 5:25 Buy

    pretend analog extmix 2b,e2,ru

    recorded at the bank in 2004, all VST’s but mixed thru hardware, inc. ghost mixing desk.

  12. 12 umil 25-01 4:48 Buy

    umil 25-01


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